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Zhengyang Sanhuang Chicken, Zhengyang Three Yellow, Zhengyang Yellow

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Country: China

Home Tract: Originated in Zhengyang, Runan and Queshan Counties, Henan Province

Morphological characters

Body: Small sized, symmetry body structure, compact body conformation

Body Plumage: Yellow, golden feather. The colour of hen’s leg is bright yellow

Combs: Single up-right comb and dual-comb

Eyes: Red iris

Beak: Yellow

Chest/Breast: Round breast and abundance muscle

Limbs/Shanks: Yellow

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Cock 2.0 kg, hen 1.5 kg

Reproductive Traits

Age at first egg: 194 days

Production traits

Egg shell colour: Puce (dark brown or brownish purple)

Annual egg production (numbers): 153

Weight of an egg: 42.0 grams

Egg shape index: 1.33

Half evisceration rate: 81% for male at 5-month  and 80% for female at 6-month

Evisceration rate: 72.0% for male at 5-month and 71.79% for female at 6-month

Remarks: Zhengyang Sanhuang resistant to crude feed, adaptability, and other characteristics suitable for stocking, and the carcasses beautiful, fresh meat, with the development value. But the small number of breeding stock, the future should strengthen the protection and breeding of varieties, improve their performance.


Jia Y., 2004, “Report on domestic animal genetic resources in China,” China Agriculture Press. [Web Reference]

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