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Zhangzhou Fighting Chicken, Cockfighting Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou Game

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Country: China

Home Tract: Originated in Zhangzhou city and its suburbs, distributed in Xiamen City and Quanzhou City, Fujian Province

Morphological characters

Body: Rectangle shaped

Body Plumage: The surface plumage throughout is palm yellow or henna for hen and henna or tan for cock. The hen’s feather colour is tan on the neck, brown on the back to tail, fawn on the belly. The cock’s feather colour is dark red or golden on the neck, dark red on the back, black on the breast.

Skin colour: White

Combs: Pea comb

Beak: Fawn

Limbs/Shanks: Yellow

Production traits

Egg shell colour: Brown

Annual egg production (numbers): 80

Weight of an egg: 49.5 grams

Remarks: The little chick grows very slowly before one-month old. They grow faster when their body weight is over 500 gm. Zhangzhou cockfighting has streamlined strong, daring good fight, alert agility, endurance, adaptability, resistance to crude feed, disease resistance and other advantages. Zhangzhou and other southern region, the history of customs there enjoying cockfighting in recent years as the entertainment enrich people's lives, more and more cockfighting enthusiasts, hire experienced local cockfighting nurturing and training experts, summarizes the implementation of supporting technologies and cockfighting breeding training methods, promoting civil cockfighting selection matching work and activities towards the direction of development of health sciences, so to protect the Zhangzhou cockfighting, cockfighting culture has been encouraged. Cockfighting at sexual maturity (about 190 days), abnormal breast development, accounting carcass 18% to 22%, coupled with long-term grazing outside the house, the meat tender and delicious, toughness, unique flavour, by consumers of all ages, it is to cultivate good material quality of broilers. Zhangzhou cockfighting quality chicken can be used as male, the introduction of hybrid varieties of chickens, and cultivate long moderate speed, excellent quality and flavor of the meat. Therefore, cultivating pure lines cockfighting has huge market potential.


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