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Wenshang Patterned Chicken, Wenshang Aloe, Wenshang Barred

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Country: China

Home Tract: Originated in Wenshang County and neighboring area, Shandong Province

Morphological characters

Body: Approximately body shape; narrow fore body shape; wide and round rear; the body shape look like “Yuanbao” shape.

Body Plumage: Tail feather with a high angle, a black stripe through each feather. The feather on the hen’s head and neck laced with red orange or yellow.

Skin colour: White

Combs: The cock has single comb, dual-comb, pea comb, rose comb and strawberry comb

Beak: Basic colour of beak is black and the border colour of the beak is white

Neck: Up-right

Back: Long and flat

Limbs/Shanks: Long

Feet: Cyan or gray

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Cock 1.400±0.130 kg, hen 1.260±0.180 kg

Production traits

Egg shell colour: Most eggshell colours are pink and some are white

Annual egg production (numbers): 180-200

Weight of an egg: 35-52 grams

Egg shape index: 1.32

Half evisceration rate: At 6-month is 81.24% for male, and 80% for female

Evisceration rate: At 6-month is 71.21% for male and 68.9% for female

Remarks: Wenshang chicken has a good adaptability, resistance to crude feed, disease resistance, good food, fresh meat and other characteristics, suitable for backyard garden or stocking, but also implement large-scale feeding. But the existence of the phenomenon of hybrid varieties, breeds resources protection in the future should be based on the strengthening of the plumage colour, growth rate, egg, meat production performance breeding.


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