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Turpan Chicken, Cockfighting Turpan, Turpan Game, Turfan

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Country: China

Home Tract: Mainly distributed in Turpan Prefecture, Shanshan and Toksun Counties, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Small numbers are distributed in north of Yili Prefecture.

Morphological characters

Body Plumage: Surface colour is mixed, which have black, blight ripple and bay.

Head: Poll is broad, flat and long

Combs: Ruby folded comb

Wattles: Red

Ear lobe colour: Red

Chest/Breast: Surface colour on breast is black

Tail: Short tail feathers, Main sickles hold up. Most of tail feathers are black with lustrous turquoise.

Limbs/Shanks: Long and straight, salmon coloured, having shank feathers.

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Birth weight 39 gm, Cock 4.0-4.5kg, hen 3.0-3.5 kg

Reproductive Traits

Age at first egg: 210-270 days

Production traits

Egg shell colour: Slight brown

Annual egg production (numbers): 60-80

Weight of an egg: 65 grams

Evisceration rate: 65-70%

Remarks: Turpan cockfighting dry heat resistant, anti-cold, rough-resistant feeding and other characteristics. With the improvement of people's living standards, cockfighting ornamental become increasingly frequent in Turpan, Shanshan, Korla, Kashgar, Yili and other places have been set up to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people-oriented cockfighting athletic venues, the number of cockfighting enthusiasts and breeders increasing. In recent years, since the introduction of Henan cockfighting, cockfighting Thailand, Vietnam cock-fighting, cockfighting Turpan descent face greater shocks and threats. The future should strengthen the protection and breeding of varieties.


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