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Silkies Chicken, Taihe, Wushan, Bairiong, Zhusi

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Country: China

Home Tract: Taihe County, Jiangxi Province; Quanzhou and Xiamen Cities, Fujian Province and southern part of Fujian

Morphological characters

Body: Small body shape; Compact body structure

Body Plumage: Silky: the surface plumage throughout is silky except of wing feather; short tail feather

Skin colour: Black

Head: Tassel head: crest on the top of the head, especially for hen, hen with more crests.

Combs: Purple comb: strawberry comb; dark purple before sex mature, like mulberry; purple with red after sex mature


Ears: Green ears: greenish ear before sex mature; gradually become dark purple ear after sex mature

Eyes: Black

Face: Black

Beard: The hen has more long and slight beard on the face and mandible

Beak: Black

Neck: Short

Limbs/Shanks: Short, black, shank without feather

Toes: Black; the foot has 5 toes; fourth-toe without feather

Feet: feathered-feet

Muscles: Black

Bone marrow: Black, dark bone membrane

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Day-old chick 26.6-31.0 gm, Adult cock 1.810 kg, hen 1.660 kg

Reproductive Traits

Age at first egg: 205 days

Production traits

Egg shell colour: Brown and few are hoar

Annual egg production (numbers): 120-150

Weight of an egg: 37.56-46.85 grams

Egg shape index: 1.34-1.36

Half evisceration rate: 88.35% for male, 84.18% for female

Evisceration rate: 75.86% for male, 69.5% for female


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