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Shouguang Chicken, Cilun

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Country: China

Home Tract: Shouguang County, Shandong Province

Morphological characters

Body: Large or medium body size, also some body size is small. Large variety has thick and large bone, quasi square body shape.

Body Plumage: In large Shouguang, the surface plumage throughout of mature chick is black. Mature male chick has large up-right single comb and mature female chick has different sizes of single comb. Colour of feather is gray for neck and toes and is white for foot and skin.

Chest/Breast: Long and deep; strong muscle

Limbs/Shanks: Long and wide

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Day old chick 42.4 gm; For larger body - Cock 3.609 kg, hen 3.305 kg, For medium body 2.875 kg for male and 2. 335 kg for female

Reproductive Traits

Age at first egg: 162 day for large type and 145 day for medium types

Production traits

Egg shell colour: Brown

Annual egg production (numbers): 117.5 for large body size type and 122.5 for medium body size type

Weight of an egg: 65-75 gm for large body size type and 60 gm for medium body size type

Egg shape index: 1.32 for larger body size type and 1.31 for medium types

Eggshell thickness: 0.363 mm for large type and 0.358 mm for medium type

Half evisceration rate at mature age is 82.4% for male, and 85.4% for female, respectively. Evisceration rate at mature age is 77.1% for male and 80.7% for female, respectively.


Jia Y., 2004, “Report on domestic animal genetic resources in China,” China Agriculture Press. [Web Reference]

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