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Qingyuan Partidge Chicken

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Country: China

Home Tract: Qingyuan County, Guangdong Province

Morphological characters

Body: “Yixie”, “Erxi” and “Sanma” body conformations; “Yixie” denotes that the hen’s body shape look like wedge which fore body is compact and rear is round and large. “Erxi” denotes that head or foot is slim. “Sanma” denotes that the back feather mainly has three kind of colour: yellow, palm and brown.

Body Plumage: There are yellow, brown of the back feather with some black mottle. Then these colours formed into yellow, brown feather. They are single up-right comb, short and slim leg and toe with yellow.

Head: Covered with golden in cocks; one-third feather of the head is dark yellow in hens

Neck: Proportionately long; one-third feather of the fore neck is dark yellow in hens

Shoulders: The feather on the shoulder is bright red in cocks.

Chest/Breast: Black feathers in cock

Belly: Black feathers in cock

Back: Covered with golden

Tail: Black feathers in cock

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Cock 2.218 kg, hen 1.750 kg

Production traits

Egg shell colour: Fawn

Annual egg production (numbers): 70-80

Weight of an egg: 46.6 grams

Egg shape index: 1.31

Half evisceration rate: At 6-month is 85% for hen and 83.7% for male

Evisceration rate: At 6-month is 75.5% for young hen and 76.7% for male


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