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Miyi Chicken, Easy chicken rice, Grass Chicken Stool

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Country: China

Home Tract: Miyi County and adjacent counties, Sichuan Province.

Morphological characters

Body: Large sized. Body shape is brick

Body Plumage: Major female surface colour is deep partridge. Minority is dark red. Male surface colour is red or dark red.

Skin colour: White, gray or black

Combs: Majority has single comb, minority have pea comb.

Wattles: Red or purple

Eyes: Chestnut iris

Beak: Black

Limbs/Shanks: Black; Majority has shank feathers and toe feathers

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Cock 2.41-2.88 kg, hen 2.0 kg

Production traits

Egg shell colour: Brown

Annual egg production (numbers): 42

Weight of an egg: 52.4-55.1 grams

Percentage of muscle:Adult is 78% for male and 70% for female

Remarks: Miyi chicken was larger, with a fast early growth, good meat performance, docile, easy feeding and management, the advantages of good meat quality and flavor. Miyi chicken nest but it is strong, less egg. Therefore, we should accelerate the establishment of Miyi chicken farm conservation, expanding populations, increase this breeding efforts to improve its performance.


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