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Luxi Fighting Chicken, Luxi Game

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Country: China

Home Tract: Originated in Juancheng, Caoxian and Chengwu County, Heze Prefecture, Shandong Province

Morphological characters

Body: Large sized and compact structure.

Body Plumage: The feather colours of cock are black, red and white.

Combs: Humped

Chest/Breast: Strong muscle

Tail: With a high angle

Limbs/Shanks: Long, without feathers

Toes: wide distance among 4-toes

Feet: wide distance among foot

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Day-old chick 43.5 gm, Cock 2.890 kg, hen 2.070 kg

Reproductive Traits

Age at first egg: 200-240 days

Production traits

Egg shell colour: Dark red

Annual egg production (numbers): 40 with the maximum number is 60 per hen

Weight of an egg: 54.3 grams

Egg shape index: 1.31

Half evisceration rate: 82.9% for adult male, and 84.2% for adult female

Evisceration rate: 77.9% for adult male and 76.6% for adult female

Remarks: Luxi fighting chicken is one of the fine varieties, with large body size, muscular, fighting, and other characteristics. In addition to the variety with high ornamental value, good or local broiler breeding material. Currently, the system should strengthen the existing breeding flocks, keeping the characteristics of cockfighting, cock to choose to stay with the "ostrich body, olecranon, high leg, goose neck" feature individual; a hen addition to the requirements of the breed characteristics, after also requires crotch width. In the breeding process to maintain the appropriate number of groups, establish breeding system depending on the application.


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