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Cattle Breeds

Iskursko Govedo Cattle, Istursko Govedo, Boz Step, Plevne, Iskar Cattle, Grey Iskur, Thracian, Iskyrsko sivo govedo

Status: Critical Country: Bulgaria Home or breeding tract: Around the Iskar, Vitt and Ossam rivers. Descended from local Grey cattle. Iskar grey cattle in the past was
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Grey Steppe Cattle, Podolian, Croatian Steppe, Slavonski Podolac, Podolsko Mestno sivo govedo, Bylgarsko sivo govedo, Govece, Greek Steppe, Boz Step, Slavonian Syrmian, Istrian Grey, Boskarin, Bulgarian Grey

Status: Endangered Country: Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Serbia Morphological characteristics Body: Strong body conformation Body colour: Grey-white, grey or white Horns: Round, smooth and long lyre horns Limbs: Strong legs that...
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Dukagjini Busha Cattle, Busa, Illyrian Cattle, Brachyceros, Rhodopi, Rodopy Shorthorn

Status: Endangered Country: Kosovo Home or breeding tract: Western part of Kosovo (Gjakova, Deqani, Istog,Peja, and Klina), also Montenegro Morphological characteristics Body: Bigger size animal in comparison with other...
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Prespa Cattle, Lopa e Prespes, West Macedonian

Status: Critical Country: Albania Home or breeding tract: South-east Albania - Lake Prespa Morphological characteristics Body colour: Grey-greyish blue; brown-reddish, brown-ocre, sometimes dark hair coat often coarse and sometimes...
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Illyrian Dwarf Lekbibaj Cattle, Lopa e Lekbibaj, Lopa e Lekbibajt

Status: Endangered Country: Albania Home or breeding tract: North Albania - Tropoja District; villages Salce, Palc, Brise, Curraj; Betash Morphological characteristics Body: Short body, strong skeleton Body colour: Reddish, brown...
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Illyrian Dwarf Gurgucke Cattle, Lopa e Gurgucke

Status: Critical Country: Albania Home or breeding tract: North Albania: Sinajaj-Tepelene; mountain area of Kendrevices Morphological characteristics Body: Short body Body colour: Brown-yellow; white mouth, whitish legs Head: Medium sized; brown...
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Gatacko Cattle, Gatacko

Status: Critical Country: Bosnia-Hercegovina Home or breeding tract: Gacko, Stolac, Nevesinje, Trnovo, Sarajevo and Mostar. Developed by crossing between Tyrol and Busa cattle. Morphological characteristics Body: Slightly heavier than...
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Busha Cattle, Busa, Brachyceros, Illyrian Cattle, Rhodopi, Rodopy Shorthorn

Status: Critical Country: Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia Home or breeding tract: Balkan peninsula; Albania: Mountain area Gjergjan-Kukes, Cajes; Croatia: mountain and coastal part Morphological characteristics Body: Short body, strong skeleton Body...
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Zhoushan Cattle

Country: China Home or breeding tract: Originated in Dinghai District of Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province Morphological characteristics Body Coat: Black in colour. Short glossy hairs. Head: Short Forehead: Broad Dewlap: Well...
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Zhaotong Cattle

Country: China Home or breeding tract: Originated in the eleven counties of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province Morphological characteristics Body: Mini-framed and has uniform constitution and uniform conformation Body colour:...
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