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Rhodope Cattle, Rhodopska, Rodopsko kasorogo govedo, Rodopi

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Status: Endangered

Country: Bulgaria

Home or breeding tract: Central and east Rodopy Mountains, Smolian, Lovetch District, Central Balkan, Apriltzi, Teteven, Kaloffer

Morphological characteristics

Body: Small body, short to medium length

Body colour: Brown-black, brown, grey-brown, deer colour; light line on the back prevails; Mucosae lead-grey to black

Head: Medium sized, slightly concave profile

Muzzle: Light ring around muzzle

Neck: Medium to short; poorly attached to the body

Horns: Short, thin, dark and fragile, pointed

Rump: Well developed

Morphomtric parameters

Body weight: Adult male 300 kg, female 280 kg

Height at withers: 95-110 cm

Production traits

Milk production per lactation: 800 kg


Stojanović S., 2009, “Rare Breeds and Varieties of the Balkan,” Atlas, Waltraud Kugler Monitoring Institute for Rare Breeds and Seeds in Europe: 128-16. [Web Reference]

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