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Sofor Camel, Safrah

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Country: Saudi Arabia

Home tract: Northern parts of the country.

Morphological characters

Body: Medium

Body coat: Dark brown coat color; body is widely covered with long hair.

Head: Long

Ears: Pointed

Neck: Long

Chest: Wide

Legs: Long with large feet

Udder: Well developed

Morphometric traits

Heart girth: Male – 219.0 cm, female – 220.9 cm

Height at withers: Male – 191.5 cm, female – 185.3 cm

Neck length: Male – 104.5 cm, female – 98.7 cm

Remarks: Well resists to the climatic constraints of the desert.


  1. Abdallah H.R. and Bernard Faye, 2012, “Phenotypic classification of Saudi Arabian camel (Camelus dromedarius) by their body measurements,” Emir. J. Food Agric; 24(3): 272-280. [Web Reference]
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