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Sakrai Camel

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Country: Pakistan

Home tract: Mirpursakro to Sujawal coastal areas

Morphological characters

Body: Larger than Kharai camels

Body coat: Coat colour is redish brown. The colour of neck is darker

Morphometric traits

Average body weight:  Calves - male – 43 kg, female – 41 kg; Adult males – 585 kg, females – 570 kg

Leg Length: Forelimb - 148 cm; Hindlimb - 156 cm

Body length: 185 cm

Heart girth: 200 cm

Height at withers: 200 cm

Neck length: 140 cm

Reproductive traits

Breeding age: 3½ years

Calving interval: 720 days

Production traits

Milk production per lactation: 1480 kg

Lactation length: 312 days

Wool production: 2.1 kg per annum

Remarks: Used for riding as well as for carrying of load.


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