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Buffalo Breeds

Murrah Buffalo Breed

Country: India Registered breed accession number: INDIA_BUFFALO_0500_MURRAH_01001 Breed group: Murrah group, Riverine buffalo. Home or breeding tract: Murrah breed of buffalo, the pride of Haryana, is a milk
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Mehsana Buffalo

Country: India Registered breed accession number: INDIA_BUFFALO_0400_01004 Breed group: Gujarat group, Riverine Buffalo Home or breeding tract: Mehsana, Patan, Sidhapur, Vijjapur, Kadi, Kalol and Radhanpur area in Gujarat...
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Mediterranean Buffalo, European, Mediterranean Italian, Mediterranean Carpathian, Mediterranean Macedonia

Contry: Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, United Kingdome, Venezuela, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia. Home or breeding tract:...
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Mazandarani Buffalo

Country: Iran Breed group: Riverine type. The Mazadarani buffalo found in Iran in small numbers i.e. 8.0% of total buffaloes found in Miankaleh Island in north of...
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Gaddi Buffalo

Country: Nepal Breed group: Riverine type. Home or breeding tract: The Gaddi buffaloes are found in the Western parts of Nepal which have been evolved by crossing...
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Parkote Buffalo

Country: India Breed group: Riverine type. Home or breeding tract: Parkote is the hill buffalo of Nepal, which is a typical buffalo of the mid-hills and river...
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Lime Buffalo

Country:  Nepal Breed group: Genetically Lime buffaloes are riverine type but phenotypically resembles swamp buffalo Carabao. Home or breeding tract: The pure Lime breed is believed to...
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Malaysian Swamp Buffalo, Kerbau-Sawah, Malayan, Kerbau

Country: Malaysia Breed group: Swamp type. Home or breeding tract: It is prehistoric, indigenous breed in western Malaysia. Morphological characteristics Body: Wedge shaped. Body colour: Unicolour and these are usually...
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Kujang Buffalo

Country: India This breed has been evolved by using Murrah buffalo in Orissa. It is considered as vulnerable buffalo breed. Morphological characteristics Body: Medium sized buffalo relatively less...
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Egyptian Buffalo Breed

Country: Egypt Breed group: Mediterranean type. Mediterranean buffalo is most likely a descendent of Indian Murrah buffalo. Home or breeding tract: Buffaloes were introduced into Egypt from...
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