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Buffalo Breeds

The Buffalo

The name ‘buffalo’ has been derived from the Greek world ‘boubalos’ used for the cud-chewing ox-like ruminants. Buffaloes were in service of man since 2500-2100
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Mediterranean Water Buffalo, Albanian Buffalo, Buallica, Domaci Bivo

Breed group: Mediterranean Type Status: Critical Country: Albania, Bulagaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia Home or breeding tract: Albanian buffalo is an authochonous breed. The breeding tract of these...
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Sambalpuri Buffalo, Govhu, Gowdoo, Kimeri

Synonyms: Govhu, Gowdoo, Kimeri Breed group: Central Indian group. Home or breeding tract: The main habita of this breed is around Bilaspur district of Madhya Pradesh....
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Tarai Buffalo

Country: India Breed group: Uttar Pradesh group, Murrah grade. Home or breeding tract: Tarai area of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand where it is mostly found between Tanakpur...
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Surti Buffalo Breed

Country: India Registered breed accession number: INDIA_BUFFALO_0400_SURTI_01005 Breed group: Gujarat group. Home or breeding tract: The Surti breed was described by Mr. Dave in 1940. The home tract...
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Pandharpuri Buffalo, Pandhepuri

Country: India Registered breed accession number: INDIA_BUFFALO_110_PANDHARPURI_01008 Breed group: Central Indian group. Home or breeding tract: Widely distributed in states of India viz. south Maharastra, Parts of Andhra...
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Nili-Ravi Buffalo, Panj Kalyani, Black Gold of Asia

Country: India, Pakistan Registered breed accession number: INDIA_BUFFALO_1600_NILIRAVI_01002 Breed group: Murrah group. Home or breeding tract: The breed is native of Sahiwal District of Pakistan and is also...
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Malaysian Murrah Buffalo, Kerbau Sapi Tenusu

Country: Malaysia Breed group: Riverine type. Native country: Malaysia. Home or breeding tract: This buffalo originated from the Indian sub-continent. Since 1900, river type buffaloes were brought into...
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Borneo Buffalo Breed

Country: Malaysia, Indonesia Breed group: Swamp type. Home or breeding tract: It is prehistoric, indigenous breed in western Malaysia. Morphological characteristics Body colour: Unicolour, grey. Chest: With large circumference. Horns: Medium sized,...
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Nagpuri Buffalo, Barari, Ilichpuri, Golani, Goli, Marathwara, Durnali, Varad

Country: India Registered breed accession number: INDIA_BUFFALO_1100_NAGPURI_01007 Breed group: Central Indian group, Riverine type. Home or breeding tract: Found in Nagpur including Wardha, Yeotmal, Akola, Buldana, Amarawati and...
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