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Buffalo Breeds

Bulgarian Murrah Buffalo

Country: Bulgaria From 1962 to 1990, Murrah buffaloes from India were imported into Bulgaria and a new population of buffalo was created by upgrading the local
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Bhadawari Buffalo, Etawah

Country: India Registered breed accession number: INDIA_BUFFALO_2010_BHADAWARI_01003 Breed group: Uttar Pradesh group. Home tract: The home tract of this buffalo is Bhadwari region of Agra district in Uttar...
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Banni Buffalo, Sindhan

Country: India Home tract: The home tract of Banni buffaloes is Kachchh, Gujarat. It is believed that these buffaloes were come from Sindh area (Kadhan and...
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Bangladeshi Buffalo

Country: Bangladesh The domestic water buffaloes play important role in providing milk, meat and draught power in Bangladesh. Most of the Bangladeshi water buffaloes are native...
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Australian Buffalo Breed

Country: Australia Home tract: There are two types of buffalo’s viz. river and swamp type buffaloes in Australia. Australian water buffalo is swamp type buffalo, first introduced...
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Anatolian Breed of Buffalo

Country: Turkey These buffaloes are raised in Turkey. They are found in the Black Sea region, North of Middle Anatolia, Thrace, Hatay, Mus, Kars, Dyarbakir, Afyon,...
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