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Yanjin Buffalo

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Country: China

Home or breeding tract: Yanjin, Weixin countys in the Shaotong district of Yunnan Province

Morphological characteristics

Body coat: Cyan, cyan gray and brown gray while the white is rare

Head: Proper sized

Horns: Thick, bend backwards and entitled

Chest: Wide

Tail: Fall short of hock

Morphometric parameters

Body weight: Male 406.1 kg, female 393.1 kg

Height at withers: Male 122.8 cm, female 121.3 cm

Reproductive traits

Maturation age: Bull 1.5-2 years

Age at mating: Bull 3 years, female 2-3 years

Reproductive rate: 52.6%

Survival rate of calf 87.3%

Production traits

Drought power: Bull 135-366.7 kg, steer 120-360 kg


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