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Xinyang Buffalo

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Country: China

Home or breeding tract: Xinyang district in Henan Province with Luoshan, Xinyang and Guangshan county as the central region, distributing over region along Huaihe river, Jianbo county of Nanyang district, Miyang, Zhengyang, Shijiaoshan region of Zhumadian district. The Xinyang buffaloes belong to swamped type buffalo.

Morphological characteristics

Body: Large size, compact constitution, and symmetry structure

Body coat: Yellow gray or black gray in colour

Head: Slightly long

Forehead: Broad

Horns: The horn root is crude with quadrate shape. The horns appear conoid shape, bending backwards to the upside.

Neck: Crude short

Chest: Deep

Back: Flat and broad

Rump: Broad drooping

Tail: Short

Limbs: Short and strong

Udder: Underdeveloped

Teats: Crude long

Morphometric parameters

Body weight: Male 533.7 kg, female 490 kg

Height at withers: Male 127.1 cm, female 123.6 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at first mating: Bull 2.5 years, female 2.5-3 years

Reproductive rate: 81.2%

Production traits

Drought power: Bull 412.2 kg, female 386.4 kg

Dressing percentage: 47.3%

Meat percentage: 37.6%

Eye muscle: 50.4 cm


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