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Xinglong Buffalo

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Country: China

Home or breeding tract: Southwest or northwest region of Wanning County in Hainan Province

Morphological characteristics

Body: Large, broad and long with a relatively sunken at the lion

Body coat: Coat colour gray black or black, only a few white. There is a “V” shaped white band under the neck

Horns: Crude and long with long archer shape and bending backwards to the upper side

Rump: Drooping

Limbs: Strong

Morphometric parameters

Body weight: Male 503.7 kg, female 457.1 kg

Height at withers: Male 129.4 cm, female 123.7 cm

Reproductive traits

Reproductive rate: 81.7%

Survival rate: >85%

Puberty age: Female 2-3 years

Age at first mating: Bull 3 years

Most of females produce one parity in two years.

Production traits

Carrying capacity: 500-600 kg

Maximum drought power: 800 kg

Dressing percentage: 52.7%

Meat percentage: 41.4%


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