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Xilin Buffalo

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Country: China

Home or breeding tract: Xilin, Longlin, Tianlin County in Guanxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Morphological characteristics

Body: Belongs to altiplano mountain type buffalo with high body and strong limbs

Body coat: The coat colour is major is gray black

Head: Proper sized

Forehead: Broad

Horns: The horns can be divided into 4 classes: near roundness, half roundness, fraction, right. Some have drooping horns.

Back: Broad long

Lion: Broad long

Rump: Large and drooping; some are tine rump

Limbs: Crude strong; the forelimbs are wide and camber shaped. The hocks of rear limbs are in tilted.

Hooves: Round and big

Udder: Flesh colour with short teats and underdeveloped

Morphometric parameters

Body weight: Male 485.4 kg, female 400.5 kg

Height at withers: Male 126.1 cm, female 120.1 cm

Reproductive traits

Maturation age: Bull 2 years, female 1.5 years

Age at first mating: Bull 3 years, female 2.5 years

Average reproductive rate: 54.7%

Survival rate: 73.8%

Production traits

Dressing percentage: 47.1%

Meat percentage: 37.6%

The beer steer can plough 0.48 Chinese acre fields in 1 hour.


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