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Xiajiang Buffalo

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Country: China

Home or breeding tract: Xiajiang County in Jiangxi Province

Morphological characteristics

Body: Middle sized

Head: Long narrow

Horns: The root of horns is crude with quadrate shape, extending backwards and outwards then bending intiltedly so as to result in the half moon shape.

Neck: Crude and short in bull, thin round in females

Chest: Deep

Belly: Compact in bulls while that of cow is big and round

Back: Flat broad

Lion: Flat broad

Tail: Broad flat tail root with short tail

Limbs: Short but strong

Hooves: Big and round

Udder: Medium sized

Teats: Slightly long

Morphometric parameters

Body weight: Male kg, female kg

Height at withers: Male 141.3 cm, female 133.4 cm

Reproductive traits

Puberty age: Bull 1.5 years, female 1 years

Mating age: Bull 4 years, female 3 years

Breeding lifespan: Bull 14 years, female 12-14 years

Female produces 6-8 calves in whole life.

Remarks: The Xiajiang buffaloes have good trailing quality and is tolerant crude rising.


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