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Wenzhou Buffalo

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Country: China

Home or breeding tract: Pingyang, Ruian, Taishun, Wencheng, Yonghe, Wenzhou, Leqing countys in the Wenzhou district of Zhejiang Province

Morphological characteristics

Body: Short but strong with compact structure and well developing muscles

Body coat: Coat colour is cyan gray in a great measure and some is black or yellow brown.

Head: Quardrate with white star at the inner eyepit, a caruncle in the middle jaw bottom

Horns: Lunar or arc shaped

Neck: Proper sized

Quarters: Well developed back quarters

Back: Flat straight

Lion: Flat straight

Belly: Large round

Rump: Sharp drooping

Limbs: Strong crude limbs with distinct tendon

Hooves: Hard round

Udder: Well developed

Morphometric parameters

Body weight: At birth is male 23.6 kg, female 21.9 kg; adult bull 517.3 kg, female 496.1 kg

Height at withers: Male 126.5 cm, female 123.34 cm

Reproductive traits

Maturity age: Male 2-2.5 years, female 2.5-3 years

Mating age: Male 3-3.5 years, female 3.5 years

Cycling period: 21.5 days

Oestrus phase: 24-48 hours

Production traits

Lactation period: 239.9 days

Milk production per lactation: 500-1000 kg

Dressing percentage: 43%

Meat percentage: 32-33%

Drought power: 80-110 kg with maximum drought power at 5-9 years


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