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Shannan Buffalo

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Country: China

Home or breeding tract: Xixiang, Mian county, Hanzhong, Chenggu, Yang county, Ningqiang, Nanzheng, Ankang, Hanyin, Shiquan county in Hanzhong, Ankang basin in Shanxi Province

Morphological characteristics

Body: Wide, small and short. The bone is strong and knot distinct.

Body coat: The skin is tile gray, the hairs sparse, crude, black or gray in colour. The buffalo with all white is rare. There is 1 white band at the laryngeal and 1 lunette white band at the chest. The skin from back-end of stemma to the breast and inner side of limbs is flesh with hoariness, a relatively dense and thin hairs.

Head: Long

Forehead: Narrow

Horns: Most of the flat and four arises horns are big grail ones with wide root, bending parallels backwards so as to appear basket shape.

Eyes: The eye pit stands out and the eyes are round and big.

Ears: Short, flat and medium sized

Mouth: Flat with black nose

Neck: Thin and long

Chest: With drooping peel is broad

Withers: Distinct and there is no crest

Belly: Round and big

Back: Flat and short

Rump: Flat and a relatively drooping

Tail: Short, attaches to relatively higher site and fall short of hock

Limbs: Short and strong

Hooves: Hard and round

Scrotum: Without neck is small. The foreskin cling to the belly closely till fore side of haulm, then droop so as to appear cylinder shape.

Udder: Small

Morphometric parameters

Body weight: Male 442.7 kg, female 398.5 kg

Height at withers: Male 126.6 cm, female 124.8 cm

Body length: Male 131.9 cm, female 130.3 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at sexual maturity: Bull 2-2.5 years,cow 2 years

They can be managed to mate at 2.5-3 years. The survival rate is 32.6%.

Production traits

Drought power: Bull 301.1 kg, female 250 kg, steer 310 kg


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