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Sugars Can Cause Atherosclerosis

Hyperglycaemia increases atherosclerotic risk but does not predestine heart disease. A protein with the Amadori product can be cross-linked through its reactive carbonyl group to
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Sugars Can Cause Asthma

A few studies have linked soft drink consumption to increased asthma risk, but the contribution of different types of soft drinks is unknown. In a...
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Sugars Can Cause Arthritis

Sugar and arthritis are not directly connected. Consuming too much sugar doesn't cause the symptoms of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, but individuals who are suffering...
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Sugars Can Cause Appendicitis

High intake of sugar can cause appendicitis particularly in young children especially among urban populations which is less encountered in rural. The study revealed that...
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Sugars Can Cause a Decrease in Insulin Sensitivity

In a study it was found that excessive fine sugar (sucrose) consumption were associated with a reduction both of insulin binding and insulin sensitivity. The...
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Sugars Can be Intoxicating, Similar to Alcohol

Sugar is now increasingly being called toxic and dangerous with calls by prominent researchers. Among sugars, glycerol is well known as a nontoxic substance, intoxication...
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Sugars Causes Significant Rise in Triglycerides

A study was made by the researchers of University of London to see the effects of high or low intake of sucrose for periods of...
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Sugars Causes Reduction in High-Density Lipoproteins

In the studies of healthy young people, as the very high carbohydrate diets were provided 0, 18, 36, or 52% of calories as sucrose. Each...
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Sugars Raise Level of Neurotransmitters

Chronic use of drugs of abuse results in characteristic biochemical changes in the mesolimbic pathway of the brain including reduced extracellular dopamine levels and down...
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Sugars Cause Acidic Digestive Tract

Sugar can cause many problems with the gastrointestinal tract including an acidic digestive tract.  The acidic digestive tract causes indigestion, malabsorption in patients with functional...
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Sugars May Interferes With Absorption of Magnesium, Hypermagnesuria

Magnesium is needed for calcium absorption and is essential in the glycolytic cycle that converts sugar to ATP. But without enough magnesium, calcium can collect...
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Sugars May Interferes With Absorption of Calcium, Hypercalceuria

Calcium is the most abundant cation in human body. Urinary calcium excretion rates increase after glucose ingestion (Lemann 1976). But in another study it has...
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Sugars May Cause Copper Deficiency

Copper is an essential trace mineral which participates in the activity of many enzyme systems. It is also required for the development of collagen, elastin,...
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Sugars Cause Loss of Tissue Elasticity and Function

As the age advances, the cells and tissues in ways those lead to the body’s decline and death. The cells become less efficient and less...
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Sugars Increase Fasting Levels of Glucose

In several studies elevated blood glucose levels were observed in persons consuming the higher levels of dietary sugars. Elevated levels of sugars also increased the...
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Sugars Cause Hyperactivity, Anxiety, Difficulty Concentrating and Crankiness in Children

In a study, eight preschool children were given 6 ounces of juice, sweetened on one morning with sucrose and on the other with an artificial...
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High intake of sugar increases the risk of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

High intake of total carbohydrate, starch and refined sugars results in a significantly higher relative risk in both ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease patients. References Tragnone A.,...
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Sugars Cause a Rapid Rise of Adrenaline Levels in Children

Eating habit in children causes adverse behavioral and cognitive effects. The glucose decrease stimulated a rise in plasma epinephrine levels that was twofold higher in...
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Sugars Contributes to Obesity

Sugars are major constituent of energy source for us. Chronically high consumption of sugars in rodents leads to hepatic and extrahepatic insulin resistance, obesity, type...
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Sugars Contribute to Diabetes

Sugars in beverages and candy only contribute with energy that can lead to an increased amount of fat in the body. High sugar intakes contribute...
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