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Sugars May Worsen the Symptoms of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Hyperactivity is a very common disorder in children (specially males) that today is considered as a clinical syndrome by scientific medicine. Eating simple sugars has
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Sugars May Interfere With Zinc Absorption

Zinc absorption may be inhibited by excess sugar. Severe food allergies may result in an inflamed gut and lessened zinc absorption. Heavy exercise increases the...
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Sugars Favour Yeast Infection

Eating too much sugar and too many grains, sugar based preparations favour the yeast infections. Sugar is the main food for yeast. If you have...
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Sugars Causes Dental Caries

Sugared beverages such as cola, packaged juice, are known for cariogenicity their intake leads to the immediate drop in plaque and salivary pH, which can...
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Sugars are Detrimental to Pancreatic β cells

Chronic hyperglycemia is suggested to be detrimental to pancreatic β cells, causing impaired insulin secretion and IL- 1β production. IL- 1β is a proinflammatory cytokine...
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Sugar May Induce Cell Death

Glucose may autooxidize generating free radicals which have been hypothesized to induce important cellular abnormalities. Glucose-dependent cell damage is a function of glutathione production. The...
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Sugar May Cause Intolerance

Sugars particularly the lactose present in milk may be intolerance - the inability to digest lactose, a kind of sugar found in milk and other...
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Sugar Malabsorption is Frequent in Patients with Functional Bowel Disease

Diets high in simple sugars slow bowel transit time and increase fermentative bacterial activity and fecal concentrations of total and secondary bile acids in the...
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Sugar is Enemy of the Bowel Movement

A variety of studies have shown that most people with inflammatory bowel disease can control their symptoms by eliminating foods to which they react. Although...
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Sugar is an Addictive Substance

A diet of intermittent excessive sugar consumption produces a state with neurochemical and behavioral similarities to drug dependency. Sugar is noteworthy as a substance that...
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Sugar Contributes to Saliva Acidity

Sugared beverages such as cola, packaged juice, are known to the immediately reduction in salivary pH. All sugar based drinks decreases the salivary pH immediately...
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Sugar Causing Immunosuppression, Reduced Phagocytic Index, Reduction in Body’s Defence Mechanism

It was studied that oral ingestion of 100 gm of carbohydrate from glucose, fructose, sucrose, honey, or orange juice all significantly decreases the capacity of...
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Sugar Causes High Blood Pressure in Obese People

Hypertension affects nearly one-third of the population, but despite the presence of effective antihypertensive agents, nearly two-thirds of these patients remain either untreated or are...
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Sugars Cause Food Allergies

Mast cells degranulation causes a series of inflammatory mediators, such as proteases and cytokines leading to inflammatoty reactions. When a food that cannot be properly...
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Sugar Can Make Our Skin Age By Changing The Structure Of Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together. It is found in the...
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Sugar Can Lower the Amount of Vitamin E (alpha-Tocopherol) in the Blood

Vitamin E is an anti-stressor. Glucose intake stimulates reactive oxygen species generation P47pbox of NADPH oxidase; increases oxidative load and causes a fall in a-tocopherol...
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Sugar Can Lead to Periodontal Disease

Homeostasis regulation in the mouth includes the integrity of the host defenses (including saliva flow) and the composition of the diet. Subjects who regularly consume...
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Sugar Can Lead to Alcoholism

An affinity for sugars appears to be a marker for those at risk of developing alcoholism. While the studies have found a sugar-alcohol link in...
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Sugar Can Interfere With the Absorption of Protein

Glycation is a reaction between sugars and proteins which takes place without the help of enzymes. Glycation seems to occur in every living organism. It...
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Sugar Can Increase the Systolic Blood Pressure

In a study conducted in rats concluded high dietary sucrose can chronically increase systolic blood pressure. Another study revealed that reduced consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages...
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