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Alzheimer’s drug could help smokers kick the butt

A class of medication used to improve cognitive impairments from Alzheimer's disease has the potential to help smokers kick the butt permanently, a new study
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Stressed fathers can put kids at high diabetes risk

New fathers please take note! Men who are stressed can put their children at an increased risk of diabetes, an interesting study has found. According...
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Feeling Older Increases Risk of Hospitalization

People who feel older than their peers are more likely to be hospitalised as they age, regardless of their actual age or other demographic factors,...
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An Egg A Day Won’t Be A Risk To Your Heart

A high-cholesterol diet and eating eggs will not increase risk of heart attack, not even in persons inclined genetically, reveals a new study. Relatively higher...
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Root BP issues with beetroot juice

A daily dose of beetroot juice may significantly improve exercise endurance and blood pressure in elderly patients with the heart failure with preserved ejection fraction...
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Neem - A Herb That Promises Miracles

Being a medicinal plant, neem has been used for a healthy life since ages and now, a new study reveals that a natural extract derived...
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You Must Exercise for Bone Density

According to a research, physical activity during growth increases bone mass and strength and thus can help you build stronger bones. The University of Missouri...
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Sugars Increases Uric Acid in Women Using Oral Contraceptive

Serum uric acid time-group interactions were significant in women taking oral contraceptive along with sugars. Serum and urinary uric acid were significantly higher on the...
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Sugars Cause Insulin Impairment in Women Using Oral Contraceptive

In studies it has been observed that insulin and glucose response to the glucose load were significantly higher and returned to fasting slower in the...
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Sugars Can Cause Hepatomegaly

High blood sugar and cholesterol can cause hepatomegaly, cirrhosis and fatty infiltration of the liver. Hepatomegaly may be encountered in G6P-b transporter (G6PT-1b) deficiency. G6PT-1b...
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Sugars Can Cause Glycogen Hepatopathy

Glycogen Hepatopathy, abnormal glycogen accumulation in hepatocytes, elevated liver enzymes and hepatomegaly. Glycogen Hepatopathy a cause for Mauriac syndrome, a syndrome of growth failure and...
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Sugar Reduces Learning Capacity

The animals that learn a spatial memory task faster have more brain-derived neurotrophic factor mRNA and protein in the hippocampus. High refined sugar based diets...
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Sugar Can Promote an Elevation of Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL)

The studies in humans and animals have generally suggested that chronic hyperinsulinemia facilitates VLDL production, particularly in the presence of an abundant supply of substrate...
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Sugar Can Increase Your Risk of Getting Gout

An excessive intake of sugar-sweetened drinks may contribute to elevated urate levels. The studies suggest that consumption of sugar sweetened soft drinks and fructose are...
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Sugar Can Increase the Body’s Fluid Retention

It has been found that 3–8% oral carbohydrate–electrolyte beverages are superior to water and are therefore recommended for rehydration of individuals with simple exercise-induced dehydration. Progressively...
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Sugar Can Damage the Pancreas

Reducing sugars trigger oxidative modification and apoptosis in pancreatic β-cells by provoking oxidative stress mainly through the glycation reaction, which may explain the deterioration of...
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Sugar Can Cause Platelet Adhesiveness

The endothelial cells glycocalyx is a reservoir for various antithrombotic factors, such as antithrombin III, and a reduction in this storage pool due to thinning...
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Sugar Can Cause Nephromegaly and Nephropathy

A high sugar intake may cause kidney damage in man and may ultimately lead to the nephropathy. Increased level of the enzyme n-acetylglucosaminidase is considered...
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Sugar Can Cause Hepatic steatosis

Hepatic steatosis also known as steatohepatitis - increase the amount of liver fat, is fast becoming a major public health concern, coincident with the increasing...
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Sugar Can Cause Cognitive Dysfunction

In a study protein expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines (interleukin 6, interleukin 1β) was increased in the dorsal hippocampus for the adolescent high fructose corn syrup...
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