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Be Nuts About Nuts

“Eating a handful every day cuts down the risk of fatal diseases” - John von Radowitz A handful of nuts a day can help to keep
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Be Positive, Live Longer

According to Harvard study “Having an optimistic outlook on life - a general expectation that good things will happen - may help people live longer”....
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People Smoking a Pack a Day Are At Higher Risk

People who smoke one packet of cigarettes a day may develop as many as 150 extra mutations in their lungs every year, which can eventually...
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Loneliness Might Be Sign of Alzheimer’s

The scientists have found that the feeling of loneliness may be linked to amyloid levels in the brain - an indicator of preclinical Alzheimer’s disease....
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Breast Cancer: Lump Not Sole Symptom

A recent research says that almost 17% women, which is one in six women, diagnosed with breast cancer go to their doctor with a symptom...
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Healthy Parents for Fitter Babies

A research suggests that the key to preventing obesity in future generations is to make their parents healthier before they conceive. In a series of...
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Prostate Cancer Treatment May Trigger Dementia

Penn Medicine researchers found a common hormone therapy to treat prostate cancer may double a man’s risk of dementia, regardless of his age. They also...
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Step Up Efforts to Stay in Shape

A study conducted at Oregon State University suggests that if you are unable to achieve the target of taking 10000 steps daily then go for...
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Too Much Salt Puts Kids at Risk

A study has found out that American children are consuming sodium at levels that far exceed the daily recommended limit. Taste preferences for high sodium...
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Parenting can be More Straining for Mothers

A study shows that while both parents enjoy spending time with their children, managing them carries more strain for mothers. This is likely because moms...
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Mother’s milk as good as vaccination

A research says that mother’s milk may boost the immunity of a newborn in such a way that it may work against certain diseases like...
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Laser Can Bust Blood Clots

Researchers from Banaras Hindu University have developed a therapy to bust blood clots using laser, which can be combined with low concentrations of traditional drugs...
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Having Vitamin D During Pregnancy Cuts ADHD Risk

A research published in the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry shows that children, whose mothers take vitamin D during pregnancy with resultant high...
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Eight glasses of water a day harmful?

Researchers have found that drinking too much water can put people in danger of water intoxication. They have found a mechanism that regulates fluid intake...
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Combo meals up kids’ consumption of calories

A survey of children’s and teenagers’ eating habits at fast-food restaurants suggests that consumption levels of sugary drinks are closely tied to their automatic inclusion...
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Breast Milk Protein Good for Preterm Infants

The researchers have found a protein in breast milk to be a safe and efficient solution. This protein is helpful to reduce hospital-acquired infections in...
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Bonding With Parents Good for Child's Health

Growing up in a well-off home can benefit a child’s physical health even decades later but lack of parent-child warmth or the presence of abuse...
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Women Taking Contraceptive Pills Prone To Depression

Depression is associated with a substantial burden in developed and developing countries. A recent study highlights that women, who usually take the contraceptive pills are...
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Red Wine May Help Control Asthma

According to a recent study, a component in red wine and grapes can help control inflammation induced by a bacterial pathogen linked to diseases such...
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Omega-3 Can Suppress Lupus, Autoimmune Disorders

Consuming an omega-3 fatty acid called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), - commonly found in fatty, cold-water fish, may suppress signalling pathways of lupus as well as...
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