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Gluten-Free Is Not Trouble Free

A warning for those who are on gluten free diet. Eating less of wheat, rye and barley may increase the risk of developing diabetes. Findings
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Excess Honey, Fruit Juice Not Good For Liver

Beware! Consuming high amount of corn syrup, honey and fruit juice, may damage your liver even more. Findings of a study indicated that in addition...
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E-cigarettes May Increase CVD Risk

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have gained unprecedented popularity, but virtually nothing is known about their cardiovascular risks. Generally, E-cigarettes, vapered as an alternative for smokers trying...
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Eating Meat, Chicken May up Diabetes Risk

A steady consumption of vegetables, olive oil and moderate amounts of protein will keep you healthy. But a study warns that as consuming animal products...
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Prebiotics May Help Cope With Stress

Any type of stress, developed due to any reason, plays adverse affects on a healthy body. Taking foods rich in prebiotics - such as asparagus,...
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Eat Whey to Control Blood Sugar

Diabetes mellitus is a lifestyle disease, developed due high carbohydrate intake in diet. A study suggests that eating whey protein, a powder to be made...
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Alternate of Antibiotics

एंटीबायोटिक का बेहतर विकल्प साबित हुआ चरक का नुस्खा मनुष्यों या पशुओं में उपयोग की जाने वाली ‌‌‌ज्यादातर दवाईयाँ पेड़-पौधों से ही तैयार की जाती हैं,...
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Dietary Prebiotics Improve Sleep

Insomnia is an increasing problem particularly in old age and during stress conditions. Scientists found that lesser-known gut-health promoters called ‘prebiotics’, which serve as food...
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Cancer Drug Can Renew Heart Tissue

An anticancer agent in development promotes regeneration of damaged heart muscle - an unexpected research finding that may help prevent congestive heart failure in the...
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B-Vitamin Pills May Lower Schizophrenia Signs

Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder in which a person cannot understand the difference in real and imaginary. In a study the researchers have found...
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Back Pain Ups Risk of Early Death by 13 Percent

Worldwide, back pain affecting approximately 700 million people. According to researchers back pain is the leading cause of disability globally and may increase your risk...
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Foetus’s Gender May Affect Mother’s Immunity

The researchers found women carrying female foetuses show a heightened inflammatory response which affect immunity of mothers. Researchers followed 80 pregnant women and examined whether...
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Autoimmune Diseases Decoded

Scientists have discovered a new molecular mechanism behind some autoimmune diseases, an advance that may pave the way for new treatments against conditions caused by...
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Asthmatic Children More Likely to be Obese

In a study it has been diagnosed that children with asthma are over 50% more likely to become obese within ten years of being diagnosed....
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Aerobic Exercise May Reverse Aging

In a study, experts find high-intensity aerobic exercise can reverse some cellular aspects of aging in adults that contributes to synthesize protein, thus reversing a...
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Yoga May Boost Physical, Mental Health of Kids

Practicing Kundalini yoga, which involves meditation, breathing exercises, chanting mantras and adapting certain postures, may help improve the health and psychological wellbeing of children in...
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Non-Smoker Women, Too, Face Breathing Trouble

In a study, researchers suggest that women who have never smoked are susceptible to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and that African American women are...
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Breast Cancer Cases on Decline in Many Nations

Breast cancer mortality rates continue to decline in many nations, according to a recent research presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. However, a...
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Quitting Smoking at Any Age Can Extend Life

A recent study claimed “Smokers can improve their life expectancy even if they kick the butt in their 60s”. Researchers at the National Institutes of...
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Low-Carbohydrate Diet More Effective in Weight Loss

A study claims that eating food low in carbohydrates is safe for up to six months and can also help reduce more weight than following...
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