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Parkinson’s are Prone to Fall and Fracture

A study reveals that Parkinson’s patients are prone to a higher risk of injurious falls and hip fractures. The disease, which breaks down specific nerve
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Parental Depression Affects Child’s Studies

A new study conducted in Sweden warns that parents diagnosed as depressed at any time during the child’s first 16 years are determined to have...
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To be Slimmer – Keep the Kitchen Clean

If you want to stay slim, then keep your kitchen clean. According to a new research, a messy kitchen can make you eat more. According...
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Sedentary Lifestyle Causes Menopause Problems

A study in Latin America revealed that sedentary middle-aged women have significantly worse menopause symptoms than their active counterparts. The sedentary women were also more...
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Dietary Regimen to Lose Fat and Gain Muscles

The scientists from Canada have found new dietary regimen for losing fat while gaining muscle, an outdebated problem for those trying to manage their weight,...
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Eat Apple, Berries to Cut Additional Fat

A study find that eating fruit, such as apples, pears, and berries, and vegetables that contain high levels of flavonoids, may be linked to less...
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Soy-rich Diet Protect From Breast Cancer

According to a study, there is an association between consumption of a high soy-diet and a low incidence of breast cancer within populations. The study...
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Anti-depressants Can Make Kids Aggressive

According to a study by scientists of Denmark, giving common anti-depressants to children and young adults may put them at a greater risk of developing...
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Soy-Rich Diet Protect Women Infertility

A new study suggests that regularly consuming a soy-rich diet may protect women who are undergoing infertility treatment from poor success rates linked to Bisphenol...
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Your Walk Reveals Anxiety Levels

According to a new study people, who experience anxiety and inhibition, have more activity in the right side of their brain which makes them to...
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Slow Heart Rate is No Indicator of Bad Health

According to a new study, bradycardia, a slower than normal heart beat is not a matter of panic. This study revealed that it is not...
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Setting of Reminders Helps in Control of Blood Pressure

According to a new joint study conducted by researchers at Britain’s Oxford University and the University of Cape Town in South Africa, “Text-message reminders can...
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Premature Birth Linked With Depressed Parents

Depression in women during pregnancy is known to be associated with low birth weight and increased risk of premature birth but a new study published...
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No more Potatoes on the Platter for Pregnant Mothers

As we know potatoes are good source of sugars and women who eat more potatoes before pregnancy may be at a higher risk of gestational...
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Smaller Emotional Brains Increases Rage Attacks

The limbic system includes the amygdala, the hippocampus, and parts of the thalamus and hypothalamus; it regulates emotion, fear, and motivation. According to neroimaging studies,...
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Reduce Plate Size, Reduce Weight

To cut down unnecessary fat from body, it is better to cut your food plate along with running on treadmill for hours. Taking smaller food...
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Asthma Triggers risk of Nearsightedness

A research has revealed that people with asthma, sleep apnoea or Down syndrome, have much higher odds of developing an eye condition that causes serious...
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Garlic Ameliorating Cardiac Patients

According to several researches garlic has ameliorating effects by decreasing low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL – C) and increasing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL – C). The...
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Scientists Found a "Cod Liver Oil" Option

The scientists of Centre for Aromatic Plants, Uttarakhand (India) found option for cod liver oil available in markete, in a plant known as ‘Bhangjeera’ (Perilla...
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Baby at Risk, When Pregnant Mother Drinks

A new study warned that consuming alcohol during pregnancy may expose your baby to the risk of 428 distinct disease conditions linked to Foetal Alcohol...
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