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Sugars increases The Risk of Stomach Cancer

Cereals are the rich source of carbohydrates. A study conducted by Liliane Chatenoud and others concluded that consumption of refined cereals was associated with an
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Sugars Increases The Risk of Gastric Cancer

In a study involving 92 cases and 128 controls were interviewed with a dietary history questionnaire on their usual diet during the year preceding first...
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Sugars Increases The Risk Factor of Gallbladder Cancer

The gallstones and obesity are important risk factors for biliary tract cancer. A significant association between cholelithiasis and biliary tract cancers was found by Khan...
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Sugar May Cause Renal Cell Carcinoma

A study regarding the risk factors for renal cell carcinoma (RCC) was made by Mellemgaard and others in 2006. According to them, several energy sources...
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Sugars May Cause Prostate Cancer

A diet high in refined carbohydrates is associated with increased tumor growth and with activation of signaling pathways distal to the insulin receptor in a...
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Sugars May Cause Produce Cancer Causing Compounds and Colon Cancer

In several research studies it has been found that high levels of sucrose intake were associated with increased risk of colon cancer among younger men....
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Sugars Cause Pancreatic Cancer in Women

In a study the scientists observed that there was a 53% increase in risk of pancreatic cancer among women with a high glycemic load intake,...
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Sugars Cause Lung Cancer

High sucrose intake could be an important risk factor in lung/pleural cancer. Asignificant association between glycemic index and lung cancer risk was observed by the...
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Sugars Cause Liver Tumours

The studies conducted in mice shows that liver tumour development can be increased by diets high in calories or fat and by diets low in...
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Sugars Cause Laryngeal Cancer

Besides tobacco and alcohol, diet has been thought to be associated with laryngeal cancer risk. To analyze the role of various food groups, as well...
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Sugars Cause Endometrial Cancer

A population-based case-control study conducted a comprehensive assessment of the relationship between endometrial cancer and sugary foods and drinks, total and added sugar consumption. In...
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Sugars Cause Cancer of the Ovaries

Ovarian carcinoma is the deadliest of gynaecological cancers and the 5th leading cause of cancer mortality in women. The clinical research suggests that plasma glucose...
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Sugars Cause Cancer of Colon and Rectum

Total sucrose intake has been found associated with increased risk of colorectal cancer, with a significant dose-response gradient. Both colon and rectum were associated with...
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Sugars Cause Cancer of Small Intestine

Negri and others reported that intestinal cancer is directly related to the consumption of sugars although other factors such as consumption of bread/pasta/rice are also...
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Sugars Can Cause Breast Cancer

An increased risk was observed for high intake of a food group composed of sweet items, particularly sodas and desserts. Risk increased linearly with percent...
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Sugars Cause Bladder Cancer

A study was made to evaluate the possibilities of occurrence of bladder cancer. The study includes the consumption of sweet beverages (coffee, tea, and added...
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Sugars Cause Biliary Tract Cancer

A study conducted by Moerman and others in 1993, the intake of sugars may be a risk factor for biliary tract cancer might be based...
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Sugars Cause Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration is the major cause of irreversible blindness in the world. The treatment for age related macular degeneration is limited. A study concluded...
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You Pay for Sitting Even an Extra Hour

A new study shows that each hour of sedentary time is associated with a 22% increased risk of developing Type-2 diabetes. Therefore, you may want...
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Nutrient Deprivation to Kill Cancer Cells Effectively

The scientist at Duke University School of Medicine in North Carolina, U.S. have found that depriving cancer cells of an essential nutrient could offer a...
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