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Over Use Of Social Media May Cause Brain Imbalance

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Do you have the habit of constantly checking Facebook or other social media sites while driving, in a work meeting, or at other times? A study warns that overuse of social media could be an invitation to brain imbalance.

According to this study that whenever there is an imbalance between two cognitive-behavioural systems in the human brain, there is a higher rate of problematic use of social networking sites. It has been found that the impulsive act of checking facebook while driving, in a work meeting, or at other times that could lead to negative consequences, has been linked to a deficiency in the balance between two systems in the brain.

Researchers studied responses from 341 undergraduate college college students who use facebook. They analyzed problematic facebook use data to track their academic performance - in this case using grade point average - for both semesters and cumulatively. At least 76 per cent reported using facebook in class, while 40 percent reported using it while driving. Experts found that problematic use of facebook negatively affected student’s academic performance, with the higher the problematic use, the lower the grade point average. The study suggested that individuals could begin to limit their problematic social media use by, for example, turning off social media notifications on their phone.


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