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Dietary Pesticide Exposure Lowers Live Birth

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There is a huge use of pesticides and herbicides and these were always doubted to have deleterious effects on health. The clinical conditions include indigestion, infertility, abortion, cancer, hypertension, hypothyroidism, eye diseases, genetic mutations and many more. A study warns that residual pesticides and herbicides causes infertility and lowers live birth.

The study was conducted on 325 women during a period of 2007-2016. The experts concluded that fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides and herbicides taken by these women were on greater risk. The experts warn that greater intake of high-pesticide residue fruits and vegetables were associated with a lower probability of clinical pregnancy and live birth.


Chiu Y.-H., et al., 2018, “Association Between Pesticide Residue Intake From Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables and Pregnancy Outcomes Among Women Undergoing Infertility Treatment With Assisted Reproductive Technology,” JAMA internal medicine; 178(1): 17-26. [Web Reference]

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