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Tobacco: A Green Monster For Oral Cancer

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Mahak Arya*

* Internee, Yamuna Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana – India


Cancer is gaining a major concern in our lifestyle. The number of cancer particularly the oral cancer patients are continuously increasing. Among the major causes of oral cancer is tobacco smoking or chewing. It is eighth most common cause of oral cancer.

In a study it has been concluded that tobacco smoking and chewing is one of the prime factors responsible for oral pre-cancer and cancer. The study also emphasized that the increased production of tobacco is owing to increase the incidence and prevalence of such lesions among the patients who are or were addicted to tobacco smoking or chewing particularly in the South Asian countries like India.

A relative lack of awareness regarding the harmful effects of tobacco is a major reason for the same. In order to determine the overall incidence and prevalence rates, attempts should be made to accumulate epidemiological data over a wide geographical area that may help in formulating appropriate prevention and control measures.

Preventive measures should begin at grass root levels aimed at individuals who are at high risk for tobacco usage along with intervention at community level and policy level interventions by the concerned policy makers. Health professionals including dentists should also play an active role in prevention and control of tobacco induced lesions due to the direct contact with patients who are at increased risk.


Nigudkar R., et al., 2016, “Incidence of tobacco chewing in families of patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma,” Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal; 5(6): 513. [Web Reference]

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