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Gluten-Free Is Not Trouble Free

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A warning for those who are on gluten free diet. Eating less of wheat, rye and barley may increase the risk of developing diabetes. Findings of a study indicated that 20% of individuals consumed gluten and had 13% lower risk of developing Type-2 diabetes in comparison to those with the lowest daily gluten consumption.

Gluten-free foods often have less dietary fiber and other micronutrients, making these less nutritious and these also tend to cost more. People without Celiac disease may reconsider limiting their gluten intake for chronic disease prevention, especially for diabetes. The experts estimated daily gluten intake for 199794 participants in three long-term health studies. The experts found that most of the participants had gluten intake below 12 grams/day and within this range, those who ate the most gluten had lower Type 2 diabetes risk during thirty years of follow-up.


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