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Asthmatic Children More Likely to be Obese

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In a study it has been diagnosed that children with asthma are over 50% more likely to become obese within ten years of being diagnosed. The study which suggests that using inhalers during the attack may prevent this effect.

The researchers indicated that children who used asthma inhalers when they had an attack were 43% less likely to become obese. “Early diagnosis and treatment of asthma may help prevent the child hood obesity epidemic”. “Part of the problem may be a vicious cycle where asthma and obesity negatively affect each other. The results of the study also suggest that asthma inhalers may help prevent obesity in children”. Although this observation warrants further study, it is interesting that the correlation exists irrespective of physical activity and other asthma medication use”. Researchers reviewed the records of 2171 kindergarteners and first-graders that were not obese when they enrolled in the Children’s Health Study. Some 13.5% of children had asthma when they enrolled in the study. They followed the students for up to 10 years. During that decade, 15.8% of the children became obese. The scientists confirmed their results using a different group of fourth-graders who were followed until high school graduation. The Children’s Health Study is one of the largest and most detailed studies of the long-term effects of air pollution on the respiratory and metabolic health of children. Looking at 20 years of data, researchers have found that air pollution increases obesity, that children’s lungs grow stronger as air quality improves.


Habre R., et al., 2017, “Effects of Childhood Asthma on the Development of Obesity among School-aged Children,” American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. [Web Reference]

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