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Aerobic Exercise May Reverse Aging

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In a study, experts find high-intensity aerobic exercise can reverse some cellular aspects of aging in adults that contributes to synthesize protein, thus reversing a major adverse effect of aging. The findings of the study indicated all types of training improved lean body mass and insulin sensitivity, but only high-intensity and combined training improved aerobic capacity and mitochondrial function for skeletal muscle. High-intensity intervals also improved muscle protein content that not only enhanced energetic functions, but also caused muscle enlargement, especially in older adults. The researchers compared high-intensity interval training, resistance training and combined training. “They found that for aging adults supervised high-intensity training is probably best, because, both metabolically and at the molecular level, it confers the most benefits”. They explained the high-intensity training reversed some manifestations of aging in the body’s protein function. Researchers emphasized that exercise training significantly enhanced the cellular machinery responsible for making new proteins. That contributes to protein synthesis, thus reversing a major adverse effect of aging. However, adding resistance training is important to achieve significant muscle strength.


Robinson M.M., et al., 2017, “Enhanced protein translation underlies improved metabolic and physical adaptations to different exercise training modes in young and old humans,” Cell Metabolism; 25(3): 581-592. [Web Reference]

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