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Role Of Mountains In Social Life

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Mountains play an important role in the system of collecting and delivering water to the lower places of Earth.

Mountains provide special homes for many kinds of animals and plants. As humans take up more space on mountains, however, wildlife suffers.

When people carve into mountain sides to mine minerals, such as silver and copper, they can damage animal’s home.

In the mountain foothills, trees are cut down to make room for houses. Crops to provide food are being grown farther and farther up the mountains.

So many climbers, skiers, bikers and hikers use mountains that nature suffers. More visitors mean more cars, more roads and more hotels.

As humans move in, animals must move up the mountains to find food and shelter.

Animals that need to live on mountains, like mountain gorillas, giant pandas and snow leopards could die in the world.

If we don’t take good care of our mountains, we will lose these important natural resources.

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