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The River Deltas

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A river may end its journey by flowing into a lake. It may flow another river that travels to a lake or the sea. The place where a river joins the sea can be wide or narrow. A wide, funnel-shaped opening is an ‘estuary. A narrow opening is a ‘mouth’. By this point, a river flows so slowly that it can’t carry sediment. It deposits, or drops, the sediment, forming sandbanks and mudflats along its course. As the sandbanks and mudflats grow, the river water cuts channels through the thick sediment and continues on its way to the sea. This area of river channels and sediment is known as a ‘delta’. The Mississippi River in the United States and the Ganges River in India form two large, well known deltas. Deltas make good homes for many kinds of fish. Deltas also attract lots of long-legged, long-beaked wading birds that feed on the fish in the shallow river channels.

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