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Change Direction With Direction

Kitchen in Home

Kitchen in a house is an important place from where you get energy. 1.    North: Kitchen in north is very bad. It is just like that you
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Stairs in Home

Stairs in the house are the second most important part after water source. Remember that the stairs provide weight as well as height in the...
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Water Source in a Home

Water source include underground boring, well, underground water tank, water tap etc. It is the key factor in vaastu which can create make and break...
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Heights in Building

1.    North to south: The north part of the building should be lowered than south or it should be in equal heights. If the north side...
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Open Space in the Home

1.    North to South: Provide more space to north-east, north and north-west in comparison to south-east, south and south-west. It should be in 2 :...
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Main gate

1.    North facing plot: 1st preference to north east, 2nd to north 3rd to west If you want two gates then make for 1st gate at North-east and...
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Selection of a Plot

The plot should be perfectly square or rectangular which is the basic principle of vaastu. Sometime the plot has angles more than four which creates...
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T-Points of a Home

The T-points are made by road / street approaching the plot. Only the three T-points viz. North, North-East and East are auspicious. 1.    North T-point: It...
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Unloading of the Building Material

The unloading of construction material is also important in the completion of construction of a building. Construction material should not be unloaded in North, North-East,...
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Construction of a Plot

Construction of a plot While you are going to construct your home, digging and filling of the plot should be considered that where it should be...
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