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World Transforming Personalities

Ramdeo Misra

Nationality: Indian (India) Known to be: Ecologist Born: August 26, 1908 Died: June 25, 1998, New Delhi, India Ramdeo Misra is revered as the Father of Ecology in India.
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Pierre-Simon Laplace

Nationality: French (France) Known to be: Mathematical, Physicist and Astronomer Born: March 23, 1749 at Beaumont-en-Auge, Normandy, France Died: March 5, 1827, Paris Pierre-Simon Laplace was born on March...
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Pierre Paul Broca

Nationality: French (France) Known to be: Physician, Surgeon, Anatomist, and Anthropologist Born: June 28, 1824, Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, Gironde Died: July 9, 1880, Paris Pierre Pal Broca was a French physician,...
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Philipp Eduard Anton Von Lenard

Nationality: German (Germany) Known to be: Physicist Born: June 7, 1862, Pressburg, Hungary [now Bratislava, Slovakia] Died: May 20, 1947, Messelhausen, Germany. Philipp Eduard Anton Von Lenard was a...
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Panchanan Maheshwari

Nationality: Indian Known to be: Botanist Born: November 9, 1904, Jaipur, Rajasthan Died: May 18, 1966 He was born on November9, 1904 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, india. Panchanan Maheshwari rose...
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Norman Ernest Borlaug

Nationality: American (America) Known to be: Agronomist, Plant pathologist, Geneticist Born: March 25, 1914, Cresco, Iowa, United States Died: September 12, 2009, Dallas, Texas, United States Norman Ernest Borlaug,...
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Nikola Tesla

Nationality: Austrian (in 1891 prior to becoming an American citizen), American (30 July 1891 – 7 January 1943) Known to be: Electrical engineer, Mechanical engineer, Physicist Born:...
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Nicolaus Copernicus

Nationality: Polish Known to be: Astronomer, Economist, Mathematician, Medicine, Politician Born: February 19, 1473, Toruń (Thorn), Royal Prussia, Kingdom of Poland Died: May 24, 1543, Frombork (Frauenburg), Prince-Bishopric...
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Narinder Singh Kapany

Nationality: Indian Known to be: Physicist Born: October 31, 1926, Faridkot Punjab Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany was born at Moga in Punjab (India) on 12 October 1926 and...
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Michael Faraday

Nationality: English (England) Known to be: Physicist Born: September 22, 1791 in south London Died: August 25, 1867 at Hampton Court Faraday made numerous contributions to science, viz. the...
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Meghnad Saha

Nationality: Indian (India) Known to be: Physicist Born: October 6, 1893, Shaoratoli, Dhaka, British India (present Bangladesh) Died: February 16, 1956, Delhi, India He took admission in the Kishorilal...
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Marie Francois Xavier Bichat

Nationality: French Known to be: Anatomist, Histologist, Physiologist Born: November 14, 1771, Thoirette Died: July 22, 1802, Paris He was a French anatomist and physiologist who is best remembered...
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Marcello Malpighi

Nationality: Italian Known to be: Anatomist, Histologist, Physiologist, Embryologist, Practical Medicine Born: March 10, 1628, Bologna, Papal States Died: November 29, 1694, Rome, Papal States He was an Italian...
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Luis Victor De Broglie

Nationality: French (France) Known to be: Physicist Born: August 15, 1892, Dieppe, France Died: March 19, 1987, Louveciennes French physicist who put forth revolutionary idea of wave nature of...
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Joseph Henry

Nationality: American (America) Known to be: Physicist Born: December 17, 1797, Albany, New York, U.S. Died: May 13, 1878, Washington, D.C., U.S. American experimental physicist professor at Princeton University...
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Johannes Kepler

Nationality: German (Germany) Known to be: Astronomer, Astrologer, Mathematician and Natural Philosopher Born: December 27, 1571, Free Imperial City of Weil der Stadt, Holy Roman Empire Died: November...
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James Dewey Watson

Nationality: United States Known to be: Geneticist Born: April 6, 1928, Chicago, Illinois, United States James Dewey Watson was born in Chicago on 6 April 1928. In 1947,...
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Jagdish Chandra Bose

Nationality: Indian (India) Known to be: Physicist, Biologist, Biophysicist, Botanist and Archaeologist. Born: November 30, 1858, Munshiganj, Bengal Presidency, British India (now in Bangladesh) Died: November 23, 1937,...
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J.B.S. Haldane

Nationality: British (until 1961) Indian Known to be: Biologist, Biostatistics Born: November 5, 1892, Oxford, England Died: December 1, 1964, Bhubaneswar, India John Burdon Sanderson Haldane was born in...
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Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

Nationality: Russian Known to be: Physiologist, Psychologist Born: September 14, 1849, Ryazan, Soviet Union Died: February 27, 1936, Leningrad, Soviet Union Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was an eminent Russian...
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