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Charak, Caraka

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Abha, 10+2 (Med), Wisdom World School, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India - 136118

Nationality: Ancient Indian

Known to be: Physician, The Father of Indian Medicine

Born: First century BCE

Charak was a great Indian scientist who is popularly known as 'The Father of Indian Medicine'. He is believed to survive in first century BCE. He was the royal physician of Kushan King Kanishka. Charaka gave a new scientific look to Ayurveda. He was the first physician to present the concept of digestion, metabolism and immunity.

He write his research, knowledge and view on human anatomy and medicine in his book 'Charaka Samhita' which was an immense source of his glory and fame till present day.

Charaka studied the human anatomy and functions of numerous organs. He described his views on some aspects of genetics also. For example, he told about the factors determining the sex of a child. Charaka's Sharaka Samhita is largely based on the principles and medicinal research of ancient physician Atreya. Sage Agnivesa wrote and encyclopaedic treatise in the 8th century BCE based on the work of Atreya. Charak revised this treatise which came to be known as 'Charaka Samhita'. This level and it has been translated into many foreign languages. Al Beruni termed this book as the best on medicine in the world.

There are 120 chapters in Charaka Samhita. It is divied into eight parts. Dridhbala then revised the 'Charaka Samhita'. Each part of the book is called 'Sthana' - Sutra, Nidana, Vimaan, Sharir, Indriya, Chikitsa, Kalpa and Sidhi are the names of the parts of the Charaka Samhita.

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